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We at Regina Farmer Realty, LLC seek to provide the most energetic, efficient and satisfying residential real estate representation in the Charlotte metropolitan area.  Whether acting as a listing agent for your existing house or a buyers’ agent in  search of a new location, our focus is on finding that perfect match of property and owner that really creates a “home.” Our company provides a full-service listing agency and has extensive experience and success in the marketing and sale of both existing homes and new construction.  In addition, our many subcontractors can help with any repair items determined by an inspection report during the sale of your home, saving you time and money. We also function as a buyer's agent in finding the existing home that is right for you and assisting in all aspects of the negotiating and closing of your purchase.  We employ personalized research to find the perfect home for your family, whether you are relocating to our area or moving to a different neighborhood or home configuration.  We have found it particularly helpful to have our General Contractor preview potential purchases and issue his professional opinion on the structural integrity and other aspects of the home before we place an offer. Regina Farmer, Broker in Charge for NC and SC, has wide experience in both general brokerage and new home representation.  Her highly personalized, well-researched, and energetic approach to selling and/or finding homes for her clients has resulted in many satisfied families in the Charlotte area.  Ask more about our relocation program.  

Regina Farmer Realty is a proud supporter of the Allegro Foundation, a non-profit organization combining movement instruction with educational and medical expertise, creating a new vehicle to teach children with disabilities and enhance their quality of life.
Allegro teaches more than 480 children with mental retardation, Down syndrom, orthopedic challenges (wheelchairs and walkers), cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, individuals with learning disabilities, hearing and visual impairments, children at-risk and children with cancer in their FREE classes every week!
Allegro's basic philosophy emphasizes the total learning progress, combining muscle memory with cognitive memory to stimulate sequential and conceptual learning, problem solving skills and c ommunication, increase physical coordination / motor skills, as well as produce emotional and physiological changes in the body. Their movement program, in addition to the enjoyment it brings, opens the door to significant improvements in learning across multiple disciplines, reduces behavioral problems and produces a better quality of life.